Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sexism in Games and Comics

Kotaku has a follow up article up from their previous one about this topic. Looks like it's getting slightly derailed from all the comments last time it had, but it expands to explain why the arguments many use to dissmiss this are a big part of the problem.

Nerds and Male Privilege Part 2: Deconstructing the Arguments is an interesting read and it highlights many false equilvalances and "strawman" arguments people use when it comes to this topic. Both are equally objectified is an example. One's a fantasy to let a person have that power trip of rippling muscles(men), while the other is treated as eye candy because sex sells(women). (Sex sells being another topic the article deals with, and how untrue it actually is.)

There's a bingo card for this too if it ever comes up.
You can find it here, but personally I would argue the Metroid slot on it(well not the equality part of it, that's BS). The original Metroid at least, you were simply playing as a bounty hunter, and no matter your gender by the time you find out the gender of the character you've already been hooked on merit of the title itself. Now granted, the card's usage relates to the modern era Samus Aran and the Zero Suit. Which I can't argue. It very much is in line with objectifying Samus who was once one of the dominant and strong female characters in gaming that transcended the sexualized arguments. It probably still can be argued that some of her titles still hold those qualities(the Prime series), but it's also highly noticeable other titles cash in on her sex appeal (Other M).

I'm also glad to see the article covered the differences in what attracts women and men, as well as the other kinds of sexy and attractiveness that aren't based on objectification.

It's something all geeks should be concerned about with how we treat others. Perpetuating the stereotypes will do nothing but hold geek culture back.

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