Saturday, January 14, 2012

Random News Bites - Not X-23 Related.

More on SOPA and PIPA for those who want to know about this., a transformers fansite, has covered it pretty indepth with many of the resources people would like to read also linked.

Stanford Law Review also sounded off about it awhile back and the problems associated.

The Huffington Post has an article up now about how the White House will not support SOPA or PIPA. While I tend to loathe the huffpost for their attempts at TV show recaps or reviews(mostly their Supernatural and Once Upon a Time reviewers/recappers in particular, though the OUAT one is getting better) that are so off the mark it's beyond laughable, this is one tidbit I'm glad they covered with integrity.

Here's a direct link to the source about the White House reacting to the petitions and legislation.

In other more fun news, there are two new movies coming up I'm personally interested in and can't wait for.

Haywire in theaters January 20th.

Chronicle in theaters February 3rd.

Chronicle reminds me of an older indie film called The Source but handled far better. The Source is great for it's corniness and so bad it's good approach, but The Chronicle just outright looks good to me. Both seem to share a similiar catalyst of events by using friends who discover some kind of power inducing object in the forest. It's the divergent path they take afterwards that leads to their differences. Where The Source focused on this power corruption applied to a highschool with the group having to stop their friend, The Chronicle deals with it on a city level.

Speaking of Chronicle, is reporting that Fox's rebooted Fantastic Four called Fantastic Four Reborn may be helmed by the same man. Sounds promising. I hope Fox considers more indie directors if Chronicle does well. The wealth of genuine talent untapped is astonishing in Hollywood as they rely on big names that don't always grasp the properties they handle. Then again, the same could be said of audience over-reactions to properties they don't grasp.

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