Friday, January 27, 2012

Preview: Avengers Academy Issue 25 and Venom Issue 13

CBR has the previews up from Marvel for the comics going on sale February 1st.

This includes the next installment in X-23's new student life at the Avengers Academy in Avengers Academy issue 25. It also is the kickoff of the Venom event Circle of Four with Venom issue 13.

Check them out, both are looking pretty amazing! Be ready to pick them up at your local comic shop this Wednesday, Februray 1st!


  1. Yes, Venom looks great, but I'm not completely sure about Avengers Academy. The preview claims that X-23's healing factor is weaker than Wolverine's, but it's cannon that she actually heals faster because she lacks the adamantium skeleton.

    X-23 Innocence lost #2: "Her healing factor surpasses the data we have on the original weapon X. The adamantium must affect it."

    I forget what issue, but in Messiah Complex she joked to Wolverine "You heal too slow."

    Not sure if Gage understands Gambit either, considering he recently said on twitter - "Gambit will interact with some others, but he does tend to kind of keep to himself. Not the chatty type!"

    I'll still buy it, but I'm starting to doubt that Gage is the best writer for X-23.

    1. Yeah, but it could also be a perception issue too on who says the line. Hank could be thinking that X-23 is still developing her powers since he doesn't have access to all the other data from the facility or X-23's life.

      As for Gambit, good catch!
      That's part of my issue to comics though. It's hard to tell who does know what, or what editors actually care about the right info when they also have to play up how little various characters know compared to the character in question. Marjorie Liu had a few miss-steps at first like that too. Some that make it hard if it's inaccurate or playing up the lack of knowledge of various characters or deliberate subterfuge. It's a fine line to play up the lack of info other characters have, and delivering that to the audience so that they are aware that's what's going on or not. That last bit of making audiences aware is something marvel in general tends to lack, so I lean on a lot of it is because of the editors in question over the writers. Since the editor is supposed to stay on top of this info to make sure it all meshes from what's come before. Then again, you also have some very public marvel editor's coming right out and saying "who cares about canon so long as the story is good?"

  2. I still feel that she handles Hellion wrong? It felt like there was a lot left unchecked.

    1. There were a few elements(like who Hellion killed that I've been trying to avoid answering xD), but at the same time it was a very real story because of it. Hellion just kept pushing and pushing until finally he pushed Laura away. This fits with his personality and reality itself, even if she was the one that took notice of him first. If he were more patient with Laura, and gave her room to breathe, it may not have happened the same way. It's the same mistake pretty much all insecure guys make. It's probably going to be left as is, because backtreading onto something like that rarely happens in life itself and would make the story even more fantasy-based than real personalities in a fantasy setting.