Sunday, October 23, 2011

X-23 in UMvC3: Costume Redux! Plus her theme song.

These were the costumes that Marvel unveiled a little over a day ago. Since today is X-23 day and all that, may as well go ahead and show them off here for all to enjoy and salivate over the choices they have. I've also gone ahead and included the Femme Fatales pack costume to make the list complete.

X-23's fighting attire from X-23: Target X.
X-23's costume from the Captain Universe/X-23 oneshot.
X-23 in her Academy X graduation colors suit. Close as can be from model limitations.
X-23 in her cover appearance from issue 1 of her ongoing.
X-23 in X-Force Design, with blue instead of black for gameplay reasons.
X-23 as AoA Kirika.
X-Men Evolution X-23

Here's her theme song/stage song from the first game which should be the same for UMvC3.

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