Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ultimate Spider-Man - Off Topic

I talked about this previously how this idea was interesting.  After three issues of its own comic, I thought it about time to finally chime in my 2 cents.

I enjoyed Ultimate Fallout though it felt like Miles was rather shoe-horned into there.  That being said his own comic had shown promise.  So it wasn't the concept I had an issue with (far from it in fact, since the concept of spider-man and his body-suit has always been it could be anyone).  It was how it was implemented and revealed far too fast to build hype.  His own comic has been superb though.  Only 3 issues in so far, and if it keeps up with this pace and story excellence I'm going to keep reading for at least another 30.  The one thing to keep in mind is that the new Ultimate Spider-man takes place before Ultimate Fallout.  So it's still building to that scene you saw in that mini-series.

This comic is definitely on the must read list I'd give to anyone, and much praise to Bendis for doing such a fantastic job.

Any worries I may have had about potential stereotype usage has been put to bed.  This comic within three issues has proven its merits beyond a shadow of a doubt, and the future will hopefully and rightfully so look back upon this as one of the most memorable and amazing comics of the 21st century.  If you were a nay-sayer, you should really give this comic a chance, let it speak for itself after reading it, instead of slamming it and never reading it.


  1. I actually like this comic a lot. What comics do you have on your pull list other than x-23?

  2. Too many.
    X-Factor, all the X-Men team books(for now at least, though I'm waiting for an excuse to drop some), Gen Hope and Daken for now though I'm getting weary of them and may drop them soon, X-23 of course, Avengers Academy, Venom, Hulk (the red hulk book), Avengers but about to drop it, Secret Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimates, Ultimate X-Men, Iron Man, Uncanny X-Force (LOVE THIS BOOK!), Ghost Rider, Transformers, Red Hood, Titans, Green Lantern New Guardians, FF(caught up the back issues too!), and I was reading Nova or any comic with Darkhawk until both were gone from Marvel. I sometimes will buy other books based on who'll be in them, or just out of what catches my eye. I almost passed up that X-Men to serve and protect issue if I hadn't paged through it first. Some of those books I wouldn't really recommend to others though. Some of them are just from buying habits and not because they are all that great. With the wallet getting tighter, and my taste shifting away from some of these titles, I may shift to a lower comic diet soon. I'm just waiting on seeing where the dust settles for what those will be with the new storylines next year. That's my biggest pet peeve about comics, having to buy so many titles to know wth is going on instead of just following the books of the characters I like.

  3. I know how you feel so much. There are so many great characters in the universe. I keep on switching Legacy off and on. But, with christos on both academy and legacy. I'm joining both starting on 21 for academy. I was mostly buying the HCs. but, with X-23's announcement. I joined the issue format.

    I actually loved Uncanny X-force as well.. But, I think I'll have to let it go.

    I'm surprised by the Fantastic Four. I always seem to have bad memories about them. But, it's more surprising you read the whole run. Tell me your thoughts on it?

    I don't know why... But, the avenger academy book is making it seem like X-23 and White Tiger are the same person. Like they are never together on the cover and that mysterious hint in January's issue.

    How is the new Ghost Rider?

    the only way I could drop comics... Is look at the team... Are you interested in 4/5 to 3/5 of the team. You can't like a team for one person is what I learned. That rules go for crossovers too.

    Also, the overall lesson and morals of the stories was my next factor. Because even the best over the top battles kinda get :S. After a while.* EVERYONE GIVE ME YOUR ENERGY. GAWDLIKE SPIRTUAL WOLVERINE DESCENDS.* *gulp*

  4. I'm digging the new female ghost rider, especially with how she uses the powers on larger scales.

    Future Foundation has been great, but it's felt like just one massively long arc itself. I'll probably drop it towards when the fantastic 4 come back, but then I'll be back to neither title or maybe just Future Foundation. I'm not a massive fan of fantastic 4 comics anymore, but I do like the characters. I kind of blame that on collecting it in the 90s though when fantastic force was around.

    Avengers Academy I like, and it's fun, but the future of it with X-23 I'm really unsure of. The X-Men sending her anymore and her listening seems weird, and the fact she was already in academy X and graduated so to speak makes it even more weird. Strategically I can see it as a way to get away from the X-Men entirely and make her a harder target for Kimura, but I don't know right now. Have to see how it's handled first, but from all the info so far I'm not that enthused about it at all.

    I'm a fan of all of marvel characters really, but sometimes the writing is just so bad I can't force myself to read it. Like how I'm feeling with Avengers right now with its "Sex in the City" style character usages of the female characters constantly looking for boyfriends. I loved the Spider-Woman mini, so this usage of her as some flustered woman needing a man bugs me to no end. Ditto to Ms. Marvel. I'm fine with the women talk differently to each than with other guys, but in avengers it's really taken to the extreme and seems more like they are mocking that idea as opposed to really using it.

    And yeah I agree, too many story crutches and not enough good story-telling is one my biggest pet peeves with writers these days. I'm also sick at how characters completely change on whims, ignoring years of character development just for the sake of forcing it to fit to a story. Marvel makes excuses for it, but when you have such a large library of characters, instead of forcing one to fit, why not find one that does.

  5. Marvel keeps canceling what I read.
    She-Hulk? Canceled.
    Spider-Girl? Canceled.
    Mary Jane loves Spider-man? Canceled.
    Cable & Deadpool? Canceled.
    New X-Men? Canceled.
    Nova? Canceled.
    Jubilee & Wolverine? Canceled, but it got really bad after issue 2 anyway.
    I've got X-23, Avengers Academy, Venom, Secret Avengers, Uncanny X-Force, Deadpool, Thunderbolts, Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men left. Gave up on normal X-Men after the Messiah stuff and start of the vampire crap. Gave up on Dark Wolverine an issue after the writing change happened because it got meh. I wanted to see Daken get revenge on Bucky! Might pick up Cap with Bucky gone, but I skipped all of Fear Itself.

  6. Young Avengers? Canceled or really slow to come out.
    Runaways? Canceled.
    It's my curse. If I love a book, it's canceled, if I'm reading it but bored with it? It stays.

  7. @alt-Tab Pull-list, not read. Dropping a book doesn't count when all you're doing is reading mine. =p Though it's probably a good thing you skipped Fear Itself X-Force. I'd never hear the end of it.

    @Arvelous, TPBs are great and I need to start doing that more for some comics. Future Foundation in particular I'm starting to wish I waited for the TPB.

    As for Avengers Academy, I'm still not sure about X-23 on it. They've already got Finesse but that could make for some interesting chemistry on those two butting heads over tactics and techniques. X-23 does need to widen her circle of friends and the Homefront issues do give her some connections to a few already like thunderstrike and some others. I don't know though. It just feels like she's being added to be added, and not quite where she belongs. I want to see how it's handled first, but right now I'm not thinking it'll be good. I hope I'm proven wrong, but it is a concern I have about it among many others. I'm saving that entry for when it hits shelves to really go into detail about my concerns and if they handled it well or not.

  8. What? It's cheaper this way! Just for that now I will read FI X-Force. I'm so borrowing that next time and no more Thunderbolts for you!

  9. LOL. the little commentary between you two were quite funny.

    But, yeah TPB's are great. But, I'm not sure if it affects the sells or not. Hopefully it helps. Because it doesn't make sense that people who buy the issues. Also, buys the tpbs.

    I loved Finesse myself as well. But, this is Christos Gage. At first I was shaky.. But, I love his writings so far. From the first two volumes. I gotta wait all the way till March for the 3rd HC I ordered.

    Also, YES!!! The writing should be like top tier among the things. To go with the art. You can have super art. But, if the story is like some stuff you hate to see on T.V. It's like being forced to read a summary of the series. :S It's cool when they are joking though. Like deadpool does.

    @Alt-tab: Wolverine and Jubilee was a mini-shot. Only 4 chapters. She is in X-men now. Starting on issue 20. I'm looking forward to it. Then in issue 20 of X-23 she returns.

    Mary Jane loves Spider-man was a mini too I believe.

    I secretly wanted New x-men to come back together. But, after schism. Marvel gave me that..."THERE IS NO HOPE" *X-FACTOR*

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