Tuesday, September 13, 2011

X-23 to be in Avengers Academy Issue 23!

Thanks to Arvelous for bringing this to my attention.
X-23 will be making an appearance in Avengers Academy issue 23. Gotta love that. X-23 in issue 23. I hope this becomes a reoccurring trend. It's just too perfect.

Anyway, the cover can be found on Marvel's site.

Quoted from Christos Gage, writer of Avengers Academy, taken from a Marvel interview with him about upcoming Avengers Academy stories where Marvel.com asked "Now on the cover to issue #23, we have Mettle flinging X-23 into the reader’s lap. How does Laura end up in AVENGERS ACADEMY?"

He responds:

There’ll be a more extensive explanation in issue #23, but suffice it to say both the Avengers Academy faculty and the X-Men felt it would be beneficial. Laura has “baggage” with some of the X-Men kids she doesn’t have here. And she has struggled with some similar issues to cast members from AVENGERS ACADEMY, including wrestling with being a killer. So they’re hoping it will benefit all concerned. Of course, there are risks, too.


  1. Hey, I was wondering what are your thoughts of X-23 in Homefront? Is it worth purchasing?

  2. I'm honestly not sure yet. I'm waiting for the last part before I make a call on it. The stamford backup has been interesting, but the main draw to it for me, the X-23 story, has been too short to really get anything bad or good from it. It's got a few funny one liners and in jokes about 'getting' x-23, but otherwise it hasn't really had much in the way of content as yet. Some of the other backups are entertaining though like the Great Lakes Initiatve/Defenders/X-Men/Avengers, and the Dust one page commentary was pretty fantastic. If you want more content than just the X-23 story, I'd say go for it. If you're going in for just the X-23 story, I'm not sure.

  3. I'll probably hold off than. Thanks for the advice.