Tuesday, September 27, 2011

X-23 and Mother Figures

Laura has had a tendency in the past to get attached to mother figures.  Probably still does.  This is something I've been thinking about off and on, but came even more into the light when Marjorie Liu brought the Future Foundation into the ongoing comic.  Sue Richards, the Invisible Woman, is Marvel's first and ultimate super hero mother figure.

The mother figure usages have appeared all the way throughout the X-23 appearances.  Whether it was her first appearance in NYX with Kiden acting as a young mother figure, or the second origin's tale of Megan Kinney and her usage as a mother figure to help guide X-23 and show her compassion, even Psylocke in many ways during the original X-Men appearance seems to have an appeal to X-23 as a mother figure.  There's also a small vibe in the first 3 issues of the ongoing comic as Storm being an implied mother figure.  It's an idea that just keeps getting repeated, with good reason as her youth was majorily devoid of the presence of such a figure.  X-23's mother Dr. Sarah Kinney did care for her daughter, but the facilities restrictions and practices kept that rather low key.  There's also the little problem of X-23 having killed her real mother by her manipulated hand at such a young age(X-23 was roughly 12-13 at the time).

This seems to not be the case during the New X-Men Academy X run with very good reason.  Emma Frost, a form of what could have been a mother figure for X-23, used that very notion to scar her and try to make her leave.  Emma used memories of Laura's mother to berate and harass her, trying to frighten X-23 into leaving with haunting images of a zombified Sarah Kinney condemning her.  This could in many ways explain some of Laura's downward turn back into old habits as well during the run.  Habits that eventually led to Cyclops manipulating X-23 for X-Force that caused yet more damage to her psyche.  It shows Emma's callousness, vindictiveness, and even during the apology issue she may have felt bad for what she did, but it doesn't make it clear if Emma recognizes how bad what she did was.

This is what makes me excited to see X-23 with the Future Foundation.  Tentatively it looks like Susan Richards will be acting as a mother figure, and giving X-23 a form of family stability...  Well as stable as families go for superheroes at least.  X-23's interaction as a babysitter, or 'big sister' as the case may be in the upcoming December issue also makes me lean this direction.  Her interactions with Valeria and Franklin should prove enlightening and all around just fun!  I wonder if Thor might make a small cameo during this adventure in babysitting.

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