Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Marjorie Liu at CBR's X-Position with Insight into Laura's Character and Upcomign Arcs.

CBR's X-Position has done another interview with Marjorie Liu bringing more info to light about upcoming arcs and stories. Much of it we heard before thanks to Arvelous from the twitter questions, but there are some new pieces of info in there too. Specificly interesting to me at least, are the comments about the depth of the character, and the wisdom beyond her years from life experiences. Something many people tend to forget nowadays.
It's always awesome hearing words of wisdom from the mouths of capable writers. Words that seem forgotten everywhere else in this world. I also commend her for approaching the psychology issues with care, tact, and realism. X-23 being a cutter is a sore subject for many, but it is also a facet of the character from her experiences that needs to be addressed realisticly and not wave a magic wand to have disappear. I also commend her for how she handled the question about Jubilee and Schism. Showing that even ideological differences can't keep good friends apart. If there are any at least.

Be sure to check back tomorrow too, when previously promised posts about X-Men First Class, a new theory about the mystery lady, the re-cap of the recent issue, and some other bits of news I've been holding off on to give other places a stronger lead on the news they've discovered, finally goes up. Yeah, I've had some minor technical difficulties lately.

While the reviews are still being under consideration for how they can be best approached for here (a mild point of contention, but that's more gossipy than I want to get here), the re-caps will be staying. They will be going live one week from when the issue hits the stands to give some spoiler room for those that don't like to be spoiled but do want to discuss it.

Also, just a small taste of the new theory. It's come to my attention (thank you Marvel. I feel stupid for overlooking that, but did you have to be so blatant with it in the previous issues synopsis of the new issue?) that there is one character that knows what X-23 has been through, what she thinks, how she acts, and why that I overlooked.
Sorry, no usages of the Tardis to cheat and check if this theory will pan out. You'll just have to wait like the rest of us. Actually that's about all I want to say on it anyway. There are enough clues between that and the recent issue if you haven't already figured it out. Assuming that's correct at least from the evidence so far(which could go either way). To me, it looks like some halcyon days are in Laura's future.

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