Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Recap: X-23 v3 Issue 10

Have you ever wanted to see a grown man squee? Yeah, issue 10 with Gambit's usages caused that. His birthday remark actually made me fist pump and squee at the same time. It was so perfectly Gambit, and yet so touching and just all around awesome.

Issue 10 shows the repercussions from Collision, has some great, and I do mean GREAT light hearted moments with Gambit while walking the line of X-23's problems without being overtly cumbersome and explicit but still with weight. All around just perfection.

I've said before that v3 issue 3 was a crowning jewel, and it is, but this issue makes that jewel seem like coal in comparison to its diamond gloriousness.

Gambit is written with perfection. X-23's own problems come across clear and unfiltered. Jubilee was a welcome addition. All around just perfection. So good I can't even find a better word other than perfection.

All this is being said straight from memory though, and I promise to go more indepth when I have more time, or decide to walk the 10 steps to the comic box to pull the issue out and have it in front of me to comment on. The heartfelt moments in this issue and issue 11 were so memorable, that they stick out even without the issues in front of me. They were just that good. That's saying something about these comics too. How often can you really remember powerful heartfelt moments over just the turning point moments or story beats of most major crossovers? Most of the time for myself I know, I just remember the story beats because you have to. These were more just moments remembered not of necessity but out of just pure squee-factor. Yes, I just called it the squee-factor, something many modern comics lack as they just get caught up in the basic superhero spandex brawls with only light touches of humanity.

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