Friday, June 10, 2011

Paper Cuts Finale

Okay, I'm rushing things I know. I don't know when Tabby is going to start running MCAT(Misadventures of Callie and Tabby)
finally, but I had wanted to do one last Paper Cuts before then.
Considering the last one I ran made by me purely I used MSPaint, and I'm lacking the time now even for that within the forseeable future. I may as well just wrap it up on a pure text note. It's not like Paper Cuts had really been all that good to begin with. Why I have time to post but not work on this? Well if you hadn't noticed, I tend to just use a stream of conciousness unfiltered to how I do things here. Structure? We don't need no stinkin structure. Besides, to do anything else and play PR games, or be fake and posturing just defeats the purpose of what I want KP to stand for. Whether wrong or right, this place was built for free expression. Before this comes up, an interview with CBR made me realize I should clarify one point. This does not in any way shape or form have any commentary or connection to Marjorie Liu's current or previous X-23 run. Any meanings you draw out of it, are your own. So on with the (text albeit) finale.

"Of Ivory and Obsidian"
Written by Snowflakian

Some sit in their ivory towers in their arrogance looking down upon others.

Forgetting how the stones were chiseled, and the sweat on those that came before's brow.

Some toil in day to day hardships, looking upon the ivory shining brightly.

A beacon of relief, of escape, of rest.

Servants of the ivory follow their orders,

They swing their hammers at the base to prove how sturdy the tower will remain.

Others delight as the ivory splinters and cracks, awaiting the impending fall.

All the while one lone soul sits atop an obsidian tower hidden in the night.

Shaking their head while they watch on,

as the ivory masters proclaim sovereignty even when the tower falls under their own will,

under their callous words, orders, and actions.

While the obsidian, hidden in the night,

builds upon sweat from the lone master's brow.

Each block higher chiseled with care.

Each stone engraved with spirit.

The Spirit of those that built the ivory.

The builders' will the ivory masters had long forgotten.

A will though they tried, they could not steal or understand.

A will that is born within from humility without greed or vanity.

So closes the final door on Paper Cuts. May MCAT actually (please!) be good this time around. Only a handful more posts to go to catch up on all that I had promised. I've been assured once I do, I can actually continue on with the reviews (Daken's parts in Collision being the hang up right now, since somebody needs to have reviews of those done for inbetween the X-23 reviewed parts). Well, assuming I ever get around to putting the final part of the music entries up too at least. I'm also behind on solicits, and covers to add here. My apologies for that.

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