Friday, June 10, 2011

CBR Interview with Liu

CBR has an amazing interview with Marjorie Liu about what's to come with X-23. Be sure to check it out!

I'm still not sure about the comments of the same people that made Wolverine made X-23. Weapon X was a more military like organization with dog tags, and the Facility was a more business like entity. The only dog tags being that of Xander's father who stole the samples for the Facility who were trying to recreate the Weapon X project for their own gain.

Then again though, there are higher ups alluded to in the origin minis that were never revealed, as well as other small plotholes to the original mini that leave many aspects and questions open. This was just never a notion that was clearly stated in any issue that I'm aware of. I'm digressing a shade here, but I also simply love the idea presented in the Ms. Sinister arc that a certain Dr. Nathaniel Essex may have been working under Xander and the facility unbeknownst to all. This could explain so much about Kimura's origins and why Xander's experiments were failures, yet Kimura wasn't. Since Mr. Sinister was there in a covert type fashion, it potentially explains a lot about the big conflicting aspects to the origin minis. It was also never stated who created Kimura, simply that she was created for X-23. Never a direct mention of if it was through the Facility, or an outside contractor, or even what division of the Facility inner workings.

Also something major to celebrate, as it seems X-23 will continue for another year! Can't wait to read these as the story keeps building better and better. This interview itself bringing up many great points, and explanations about various aspects of the most recent issue, and the issues to come.

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