Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hanna's Release is Near.

This Friday, the 8th of April, Hanna hits theaters nationwide in the US. As the previous posts about this have pointed out, there are many similiarities between this movie and X-23's own story. There are also numerous differences as well, but this movie does give Fox a chance to see how audiences would receive this kind of film.

Hanna isn't from Fox. So it's not their property on the line here, but if it proves successful, you can bet they'll jump on the bandwagon. With that in mind be sure to go see Hanna when you can. For one it looks to be a great movie with many twists and turns. For X-23 fans though, if the box office shines brightly enough, it'll show Fox audiences want movies like this and they do have the perfect property within the confines of the X-Men rights to do just that. Appease both general audiences as Hanna will hopefully prove, as well as draw in comic fans using the rights library they have.

So be sure to check out Hanna next weekend and show Hollywood what you as an audience wants. If ever there was a time to work the system and see a movie legitly, this is it. By undermining it, you'll just be shooting yourself in the foot on getting potentially other great movies that studios wouldn't even give a second look right now.

Heck, it even took Hanna five years from the screenplay being written until actually being filmed. That's how unsure about these kinds of films, dilemmas, and symbolism Hollywood is in their pursuit to find the next franchise or increase the size of their wallets.

So if you're tired of incessant remakes, constant reboots, and classic cinema being butchered for modern audiences, be sure to let your wallet shout it out loud.

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