Friday, April 8, 2011

Daken: Dark Wolverine Issue 8 Preview

Collision continues in Daken: Dark Wolverine Issue 8, on sale April 13th.
Oh, and CBR has the preview up for it.


  1. Really seems like X-23 is finally coming more and more stable and realizing what family is. Even though she longed for a brother.

  2. I like how they are humanizing her more with her feelings and got rid of the cutting, but I'm not sure about the memories overall yet. The upcoming Jubilee arc seems like it's going to dive into that though. The telepathic presence still makes me question how much in her head it's messing with.

  3. I'm also curious what's up with her eyes.
    X-23 has green eyes, now in daken she has blue eyes, and previously she's had brown eyes in the One-shot. It makes me curious because the green eyes are one of the defining traits that show she's more akin to her mother and was such a strong focus in issue 3 of the ongoing.
    This in conjunction with the Alice storyline about clones and memories make me worry they may give X-23 Logan's memories. I'm not fond of that idea when she has her own history and memories they could deal with. So I hope that's not the direction they go. Something like that unless there's a cause (the telepathic presence messing with her), is rather counter-intuitive to the character. In this instance I can let it slide because Gambit and Laura were really psyching him out with the clone talk to get under his skin. Maybe that's what's going on here with how it's told from Daken's perspective.

  4. Hmm.. I didn't notice the eye thing honestly. It could be artist mistake sometimes. But, I can see how it can go that path. I'm really excited about the Jubilee arc. Because I enjoyed her from the past and also with Jubilee and Wolverine wrapping up soon. It should be interesting. Have you ever went over the relationship between x-23 and Psylocke? I'm not sure if Psylocke looks to her as a friend or daughter sometimes.

  5. More comrade in arms, the relationship was never really all that explained in the comics. Though I would love to see the comic further explore the relationship between Laura and Mercury because of their shared experience, and how laura rescued her from the Facility violating her. With psylocke it seems more like a bond of respect of a fellow warrior since neither were all that verbose back then.
    The Jubilee arc has me excited too because of how they say they'll cover the double standard wolverine has.
    As for the Daken issue eyes, I don't think it's a mistake. It's in the story too clearly with his comment about 'are those his eyes?' in the preview. Which bounces off of how gambit and Laura were messing with him about X-23 being a clone in the issue prior.

  6. I never seen any story of Mercury yet. I guess I have more things to dig in later. I'm really wondering how the eye things will play out later and how it actually happens or is possible. I didn't notice the double standard. But, I'm starting to notice it know that you say it. Like I'll be apart of x-force, but not them. Which was the right call and all.

  7. The Mercury story was over in Academy X/New X-Men which takes place after her Uncanny appearances, origin miniseries, and NYX.

    The double standard was hinted at in the oneshot, and was even more prevalent during the initial X-Force run with how Logan treated Laura when she spoke about Wolfsbane.

    Part of the Uncanny X-Force bit about leaving Laura out this time, was because Logan didn't want her part of X-Force to begin with, but Cyclops forced the issue. Logan brought Laura to the school to learn to be 'human' so to speak, and not to backslide into being a killer, yet that's exactly what her being part of X-Force was doing to her.

    The double standard comes from the fact that while Logan wants Laura to be a 'real girl' he still treats her like a wild animal whereas characters like Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, and Logan's other 'adopted children' he treats compassionately. Laura, he willingly slams into a tree to prove a point about not talking 'bad' about others he views as a daughter, or he deems innocent. When in reality, that is what Laura is, innocent. Up until, he finally made Laura to choose for herself instead of following orders.

    Laura has to take responsibility for her choices now that she's able to make them. So that line of innocent or monster has been erased for awhile, and may be the root of where Logan is coming from towards her. Again though, it's a line that Logan disregards for his other 'adopted daughters'.

    It is an interesting question though. At what point did Logan stop accepting the excuse of Laura's past, and start getting angry at her for choosing death and orders over herself. A choice she finally just made recently.

    Another question though, is where are the lessons Laura learned, and the choices she made during Academy X relate to all this, in conjunction with the backsliding caused in X-Force after the fact.

  8. Even Daken for that matter he treats more compassionately than X-23. And he's an outright sociopath.

  9. Great examples about how he treats her differently. It happens in the X-23 one shot as well when he shows how naturally jubes and Wolvie can talk to each other. To the point it makes her want to cut herself. But, I think he treats her that way. Because he sees too much of himself in her. That may be the same reason he tells people to find their own answers like when Hope asked for help.

    I'm also hoping to see how they connect all of this. I defiantly love the effect Nyx had on her. But, such as in life people make mistakes or sometimes slide back.