Monday, April 11, 2011

Hanna Takes #2 Spot for Opening Weekend

Over at BoxOfficeMojo the weekend results have been posted. Hanna is coming in at #2 with $12,370,549 being beat only by the child friendly Hop which had $21,298,240. A tally that can be attributed to parents buying tickets for themselves and their kids, whereas Hanna appeals to a demographic that can purchase tickets by themselves, and go by themselves.

Considering this is only opening weekend for Hanna, things are looking up. Part of the box office standings being so low overall is because of it being April without any holidays on opening weekend. The Box Office will hopefully boom in coming weeks as holidays approach like Easter. Though the same could be said for Hop which appeals to a younger demographic, is based around the upcoming holiday, and gives parents something to drag their kids to. For those older though, that may want something that panders better to their demographic, Hanna would be the best choice. One can only hope that word of mouth starts spreading for this fairy-tale esque story to allow it to reach Inception like levels of renown. Which would be an amazing feat for a movie not released during the summer months or on a holiday weekend. The story, action, acting, and subject material are receiving the same, if not better praise than Inception had gotten.

Hanna is from Focus Features, a subsidiary of Sony. The screenplay was written by Seth Lochhead and David Farr with the original story being Seth Lochhead's creation according to IMDB.

Remember to go see it yourselves when you can. This may be the closest we'll get to an X-23 feature film unless the box office reflects the demand to Fox. So if ever there was a time to vote with your wallet, this is it. Fox having a potentially larger opening weekend possibility with X-23 thanks to the character branding and following from Marvel.

Hanna has been unanimously praised from critics, and looks like a decent contender in the upcoming awards season. A definite must-see movie.

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