Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reminder: X-23 v3 issue 6 hits Shelves Tomorrow

X-23 v3 issue 6 comes out tomorrow. So be sure to swing by your local comic shop to pick this issue up.

The comic has been getting better and better with each issue. Right now out of the X-Titles, it's outright one of the better regular series on the market.

X-23 has managed to get better and better, allowing even Gambit to shine as himself, and every character having their own distinct voice. They don't all sound the same, or quip the same, and Gambit even uses his trademark french.

Many props go out to the creative team of X-23, and especially Marjorie Liu. Even if the language is foreign, or the characters unfamiliar, they've been doing research, looking stuff up, and even just outright asking for language translations to use. That's a sign of a creative team wanting to make the best comic they can. It shows in the work too.

Now if only more people would start picking up this amazing comic.

This week, there may be a boost in sales because of MVC3, but only time will tell.

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