Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wolverine #6: The Flawed Plan to Stop Wolverine.

So as I'm sure many have heard about Wolverine's Demon storyline, and other outlets have praised this particular issue. I'm about to do the opposite.

Not because I want to, not because I even care about reviewing it, and not because I want to go against the stream. It's because it genuinely makes no sense to me and has to be outright the worst plan Scott Summers has ever come up with. So I'm not going to review the issue, just Scott Summers' plan on taking down Wolverine. So if you don't want to be spoiled avert your eyes now.

In the issue, Cyclops plans on ripping the metal out of Wolverine using Magneto, then Namor to rip Wolverine's head off, followed by Scott's optic concussive force blasts to disentegrate/charbroil the body. I'll let the charbroil bit slide for now due to friction of the concussive force, but it should be noted that Cyclops doesn't have heat vision. His powers should work to pancake the body or parts of the body, and he can fine tune it to a concentrated beam to cut things like Logan's hand off. His power isn't heat vision, so it should not cook a body. Though one can also argue the friction of said beam at such a high velocity does generate heat to what it's hitting or cutting through.

Okay, one gaping flaw in this. It's too much of an advantage to sacrifice this early on in the game. Even for expediancy, it should be reserved for the last resort. One could commend Scott for the finality of his personal actions, but again it does seem a bit arrogant to think under these circumstances his power alone would work.

Instead of using Magneto to just hold Wolverine still while they find a way to stop him or if in last resort, kill him; Scott is going to have Magneto rip the metal out of Wolverine's bones. Adamantium being indestructible and all, it's needed for Namor to rip Wolverine's head off right? Well the bones may be adamantium, but the cartilage between them is not, otherwise how would Wolverine move? This is unneeded and cruel to do, not to mention the adamantium poisoning is the only thing making Wolverine heal slower than normal. While it may be needed for Cyclops to disentegrate/burn the body with his optic concussive blasts, it seems rather petty moreso. It also gives Wolverine an edge once they do it. He'll be able to heal faster, and Magneto won't be able to marionette him around. Add in the fact Wolverine has survived this before, and potentially worse when not demon controlled, it makes one wonder why Scott isn't reconsidering his plan to allow for the fact Demons could bounce back even faster after this. In Curse of the Mutants, they used nanites to turn Wolverine's powers off. With Magneto holding him steady because of the metal in his bones, there are far more options to stop Wolverine than if they rip the metal out. The simplest of which being they use said nanites again, and sedate him, as without his healing powers anesthesia should work. Even if it didn't because of the demons, with the metal still on the bones, Magneto can still marionette him around until a better solution is found.

The entire plan screams of just causing the most pain to Wolverine that they can, and less about doing anything intelligent to stop him or kill him. It reaks of pettiness, even in how Scott interacts with the others who tried to help Wolverine. He admonishes them for not telling him sooner, or at all.

To kick it off, Cyclops even watches as those who tried to exorcise the demons out of Logan battle Demon Wolverine to no avail. Again it makes me wonder one thing. You have the Master of Magnetism right there. A man who brought a metal bullet back from the deepest reaches of space, and all you do is let him watch Demon Wolverine tear up the town until you give the order to kill him? Why not just have Magneto stop all this and hold Wolverine steady until you decide on your course of action... It's all just a giant moment of confusion, misrepresentation of powers, and lack of strategic forethought or really lack of any kind of action except to murder a former teammate.

For now, I'm just left scratching my head as to what the heck is going through Scott's mind, as he completely ignores the power types at his disposal for usage in this mission and attempting to sacrifice his only pure control card to keep Wolverine from hurting others, yet not using Magneto's power at the start to help keep people safe while they figure out the best course of action.

If you want to read a review of the issue itself, you'll have to turn to other outlets. Wolverine issues aren't something I review unless X-23 is in them. This plan just had a hole the size a mack truck could drive through, and it surpirsed me no one has brought that up since Magneto is a pivotal part of the issue.

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  1. Looking back, I also missed the fact that with the metal in wolverine's bones, Magneto could just as easily pull all the bones apart or rip Logan's head off himself with a snap of his fingers. This is in relation to Scott's plan though. The actual event had other reasons why it didn't work.