Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hanna (A New Clip Escapes)

Seemingly proving me wrong right off the bat, a new clip for Hanna surfaces from news outlets. The people behind the film shared some clips with various outlets to start the media push, and I must say, it's just looking better and better with each clip. This is going to be a film to pay attention to as the hype ball starts rolling. So be sure to tell your friends, drag them to the theater if you have to. This looks like the underdog movie to see this April.

Doesn't hurt either that if this breaks the bank at the box office, it could help push an X-23 movie forward at Fox. Hanna comes from Focus Features, a subsidiary of Universal. Universal Pictures are also the people who brought Kick-Ass with the much beloved Hit-girl to the big screen. So it seems that Universal is well aware of the fact that young women can be competent and even hypnotizing action stars that prey on perception and clash against the norm of expectations with outstanding box office results.

Even Sucker Punch coming from Warner Bros. on March 25th pushes this trend. Seems only Fox is being left in the dust. The company that has the X-Men rights, and characters associated that could have put them in front of this trend, is just being left to the wayside.

Though I'm not counting out X-Men First Class yet. That looks like it'll be a fun movie coming from Singer and Vaughn at Fox.

As for Hanna, keep your eyes peeled for it to be released on April 18th, and if you love the soundtrack by the Chemical Brothers, be sure to pick it up.

So Fox, in the games of Chess that are modern movie trends, Universal has put you in Check. Time to make a move that won't end in Checkmate.

2013 could be your year Fox. For that to be so, you need to stop resting on your laurels and move forward once Hanna paves the way to prove yet again audiences will watch these kinds of movies. Especially if they are done right...

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