Friday, August 22, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - MCU Sexism still at play?

Here's an article you should all read.  Awhile back in praising Guardians of the Galaxy for its forward thinking, I hadn't realized how much infighting it took to even get that far, and how backhanded some of the comments internally and in interviews had been about it.

Further reason why I think an X-23 film with a full female behind the scenes crew could really rock the industry and again exactly why it's needed. (Fox, you've just been given a chance to one up Marvel and a moment to gain praise for having the X-Men licenses instead of them.)

This makes me ashamed of the Disney led Marvel cinematic universe outright.  Toss this in with previous questionable actions towards how they've mis-handled a female director that was originally attached to Thor 2, and there seems to be a growing misogyny trend here among their film division.  A trend that sadly if spoken up against could hinder careers which makes it all the more infuriating about Hollywood treatment between talent and those that cut the checks but-mostly-sit-on-their-behinds-doing-nothing while reaping the rewards and profits.  I wouldn't be voicing concern on this if it was something that only happened once or was a genuine fluke.  This seems to be repeated behavior.

There might be a further in-depth entry on this at a later point after some further information gathering pertaining to past and present women in the industry treatment from the Disney led MCU under Marvel's hand.

If Marvel wants to effect change, and I mean real change, maybe they should start within instead of pointing at the characters they put on screen.  I do love how they changed Jane Foster from what was a nurse or paramedic in the comics to a full on scientist in the films as a role model, but it's moot if their treatment of women behind the scenes is as bad if not worse than the villians they have onscreen.

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