Wednesday, September 10, 2014

X-23 to Have Bigger Role At Marvel In Post "Death of Wolverine" World.

The first issue of the Death of Wolverine mini-series has hit shelves.  Articles and interviews are widespread on the coverage.

One of the highlights during an interview over at CBR is that X-23 will be taking on a larger presence in the Marvel world after his passing.  She'll be featured in the follow up mini-series that deals with his death, but also may cameo in the main mini-series itself too.  It's been said that Marvel has very big plans for her in this new world without Wolverine.  Here's hoping those plans include keeping her in character and not further diluting her into simply being a female Wolverine as was never the case in her creation.  She was created to be his opposite.  He's more nature while she's more science.  He's old, she's youth.  The list of differences in their natural but not opposing polar natures goes even deeper than that.  This is why much of their moral structure does align, but also has its differences from their experiences and personal character narratives.

Rather fitting for her to carry on his legacy.  Laura always has been a more interesting character than he in recent years, and has shown time and time again that she's also better trained and more strategic while still dealing with all the problems, discoveries, and nuances that youth brings to the table.  In her short time she's been a character that has gone through a lot, and has learned much of the world and its moral ambiguity, but hasn't let it dissuade her from doing what's right when she can.

So where will Marvel be taking X-23 in the coming years?  Could she become the new Wolverine?  What exactly are their plans?  Will this broader exposure lead to real cinematic exposure or even her own film or TV franchise?  Only time will tell what comes next for this mutant gene genetic twin test tube daughter of Wolverine!  (Wow that's a mouthful.  No wonder everyone uses the not as accurate clone description instead.)

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