Tuesday, April 22, 2014

WC14 Spotlight Panel with Marjorie Liu

CBR has coverage up from the WonderCon 2014 spotlight panel with Marjorie Liu.

One of the things discussed was the silent issue finale of the X-23 v3 run. An issue that was much hailed and praised on this blog. (And might be again sometime soon!)

Ms. Liu puts it in great perspective and speaks highly of Phil Noto's art in the process.  I have to say I much agree with her on his art.  His usage of shadows and contrast alongside displayed emotion really worked well in the issues he did.  The soft tones provided by Sana Takeda's artwork and issues contrasted well against the harsher reality aspects of Noto's art.  This overall combination and switching, for me at least, created an interesting vibe for the full run of the title.  It made the entire comic run come across as one flawless piece of combined artwork. It combined wonderfully to help create a story driven character growth piece about life.

You can check out the excerpt below, but be sure to read the full piece found over on Comic Book Resources.

She also explained why the last issue of “X-23” was devoid of dialogue.
“I chose that deliberately," Liu said, noting that "silence made perfect sense" for the character.

"I couldn't think of a better way to end that series, she said. "Then also Phil (Noto) is an amazing artist, I felt like a silent issue… he can do it. That for me, that was also a way for him to give his last touch on the series, because his art was so fantastic that nothing else needed to be said. Honestly, a lot of the issues that he did, there wasn’t a need for the dialogue because his art spoke perfectly. I wanted to give that to Phil, but I [also] wanted to give that to the character.”

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