Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Astonishing X-Men Issue 51

Well darn.  I thought I was going to be able to conveniently skip talking about this comic or topic.  Should have known better as Laura shows up as a secret guest with Jubilee in tow.  Almost feels like a direct pick up from Girls night out part 1 from X-23 issue 20.  It's almost like these events are prior to AvX, Avengers Academy issue 23, and Laura's issue 21.  It makes me wonder if anyone has ever thought to try and create a comprehensive and up to date Marvel universe sequence of events timeline.

X-23's in perfect form during her appearance. Marjorie Liu plays off a one line reference to the origin mini Innocence Lost to create some quick tension breaking and humor in this otherwise mostly normal superhero wedding read that has a polite shocker ending.  The two X-23 and Jubilee panels are memorable.  The other interactions between characters seemed topical and relevant to their respective character histories too.  Fine, I'll admit it.  The two X-23 and Jubilee panels are what sold me on this comic.

For those keeping track of X-23 continuity.  This marks the first wedding Laura has been to where she wasn't there to kill someone.

As for the topic itself.
What needs to be said?
This issue was handled with care and tact.  It displays nothing objectionable nor does it really offend any senses.  It's just like any other superhero wedding.  It's a milestone for the characters and one that should be celebrated as much as any other.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a ceremony to celebrate and dedicate your commitment to the one you love, the one you want to spend your entire life with, and they you.  Doing so in front of all those close to you, what you believe is god, and even your country. 

It did have one sort of a vocal objector, but she was handled in a manner that still respected the sanctity of the event so as not to disrespect the happy couple.  The one who vocally admitted to not attending wasn't even human and may have reasonings that could be based against the foundation of what marriage means in her Shi'ar warrior based culture as opposed to who is getting married.   Any other characters who objected to this seemed to have declined their invitations or turned a blind eye.(Yay!  No Rahne perverting her beliefs in pursuit to persecute!) It was nice to see how normal a superhero wedding can be.  Especially one that's so low on villian radars.  It really reflects an interesting perspective on hero public appeal and villian attacks when a wedding can happen with minimal interference from either side.  Altogether it was a quite refreshing read and one that's respectful to the dedication and sacrifice that marriage and love represents.

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