Friday, December 23, 2011

X-23 Ongoing TPB Volume 2 & 3

While perusing the general nightly news, I ran across this over at Bleeding Cool. In May 2012, Marvel will be releasing Volume 3 of the premiere hardcover collection of the X-23 comic. This will be the fantastic Misadventures in Babysitting arc(Issues 17-19), and will also include issues 20 and 22. Wait? Issue 22? Isn't issue 21 supposed to be the last X-23 issue? Are they bumping it up for the Circle of Four storyline or because of the previous oneshot? Is this just a typo? Could this be a future marketing plan placement to prep for an oversized issue 23 farther down the line?
Listed on page 22.

June of 2012 will also see the release of the Circle of Four Premiere Hardcover collecting the entire Circle of Four Venom event plus the build up to it. It's on page 76.

July of 2012 will see the release of the Volume 2 TPB for X-23's ongoing. This will include issues 10-16 of the v3 comic. (No date listed for the premiere hardcover edition, but that might be outside the dates listed for this!) It's on page 102.


  1. If that is a re-numbering, then it's kind of silly to bump it up by 1. Some might think they missed an issue somewhere. Could also be a typo, it's happened before on the "Cutting Edge" pages.

  2. It could be either or. Wouldn't be the first time marvel has done it. I'm leaning typo for now, but it kind of makes sense as a renumbering too if they are adjusting for the oneshot Liu wrote before the ongoing to save a special 23rd issue extravaganza for later. Then again considering it's a v3 comic, that'd have to completely not count the v1 miniseries which would bump the numbering up to 28... (Which might be ignored because of it being a miniseries as well as also known as Innocence Lost).

    Either way, that's just typical Marvel math. I guess if it's not a typo we can be happy it suggests a nice surprise is on the way and before X-23 ends she got to feel the same marketing ploys all their headline titles have had with the renumberings (FF comes to mind recently that did this too, going from 588 to 600)? If it's just a typo, just toss it up with the other hundreds of em Marvel marketing is known for.

  3. Yeah, still fun to make fun of it until they prove it's not a typo.

  4. Definitely. I loves me some Marvel math. lol